indoor field dimensions

Facility Rules / Code Conduct

  • All Patrons (coaches, players & fans) shall conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manor. Unsportsmanlike actions will not be tolerated.
  • Warming up in common area not permitted
  • Pets are not allowed
  • Throwing of Frisbees and footballs not permitted unless part of a booked event
  • NO Gum, spitting, sunflower or chew/dipping
  • NO smoking or alcohol
  • Moving, hanging, and or climbing on equipment such as goals and netting is prohibited
  • Movement of sports equipment(goals, etc.)must be cleared with IL employee and put back where they found it by the time their rental is over
  • No outside food permitted
  • Pull off area is for dropping off only, for safety please park all cars in the lot
  • No unauthorized use of the fields
  • Bleachers- no running or jumping on the bleachers
  • Participation and viewing of events are at your own risk
  • Minors not participating in a program need to be supervised by an adult